Bold & Brash

Bold & Brash

Bold, brash, and inspired by the works of Andy Warhol!

In an all-new poster, "Have to Have It" Ingo The Flamingo gets the "pop art" treatment - and is turned into a print that's sure to be the perfect home decor piece for you. If you love fine art, interior design, and modern art for your home, you're sure to love "Have to Have It"!

With a fun and "Pop Art" Twist! 

The all-new illustration of Ingo The Flamingo "Have to Have It" is bold, brash, and inspired by the works of Andy Warhol - one of the greatest pop artists of the 21st century. Olaf Kohrsmeyer has taken one of the most iconic pieces of Warhol's art - the Campbell's Soup Can - and given it a whole new perspective and meaning in this beautiful, colorful piece.

The soup cans themselves are rendered in neon colors, in a flat and cartoonish style. This style helps place the cans in a whole new perspective - far from the subtle realism of Warhol, this poster is loud, in-your-face, and colorful.

Centered in the middle of the frame is the beloved Ingo The Flamingo character - providing a commentary on the soup cans themselves. This unique blend of pop art iconography and cartoon-inspired speech creates a unique art work and print that is sure to turn heads and draw stares - no matter where you put it in your home! 

If you are looking for Modern Art for the home, or Fine Art for sale, look no further than this illustration from Ingo The Flamingo.

Perfect in Your Home or Office! 

Your home and office are reflections of your unique personality. Interior Design is a way of expressing who you are - through the thoughtful collection of decorations and objects that represent your style, personality, and taste.

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