The series “California Surf” shows the Pacific Ocean with its big surfs and its long breaking waves at the famous Californian coast line. The focus in these dramatic achromatic photographs is on the surfers, checking out the condition of the ocean just before sunset, as the waves roll in and begin to curl near the shore. It’s time to get ready for the last ride! Time to catch the perfect wave!

The Miami based photographer Olaf Kohrsmeyer presents the endless expanse of the deep blue California ocean in a series of intense and atmospheric images that capture the ocean’s many moods.  The artist purposely keeps the beach and the sky completely out of frame, allowing the viewer to become completely engulfed in the image. Waves are unstoppable. They are a force of nature. They may change heights and intensity, but still they come and are unstoppable. You can’t stop the waves, but you can ride them!!!

California Surf I:

California Surf II:

California Surf III:

California Surf IV:

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