The Brand! The Logo! Why is the pink flamingo the perfect symbol?

The Brand!  The Logo!  Why is the pink flamingo the perfect symbol?

The logo needs to represent the brand, my art and the community I'm living in, anything "Ingo The Flamingo" stands for. 

Living and working in Miami + Miami Beach has been influenced my creativity and my desire to be creative from the first day I moved here. Living and breathing the joys of Miami Beach daily, have constantly inspired me, have been forcing me to create art. With my art I like to expose the beauty of the world, often missed by the common eye. My art allows the viewers to see the beauty of our world through their eyes. My art and designs should bring joy to the people, joy to the community. Express positive feelings to the world!

Why is the pink flamingo the perfect symbol?

The Flamingo is a powerful animal with different symbolic meanings, meanings which also represent my art, represents Miami Beach. 

The Flamingo is the symbol of strong emotions. If a Flamingo appears in your life, it means that you should release your emotions and let them be your guidance in your life. Leave all the negatives behind. It's time to be positive and focus on the things that really matter. The Flamingo symbolize fun and relaxation. Have fun, laugh and enjoy the moment.

In all my illustrations "Ingo The Flamingo" stands on one foot only. Flamingos can stay on one foot and maintain great balance of their bodies for hours. Having a good balance in life is important. Don't waste your time on some unimportant things in life! Enjoy every single moment. The good, the bad, the beautiful, the ugly, the inspiring, the not-so-glamorous moments.

Flamingos are bright, colorful and vibrant animals. My art, my illustration and my fashion should encourage you to be more vibrant and social, to truly enjoy the company of others and take time out to play. 

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