More Than Just Art - It's A Lifestyle!

More Than Just Art - It's A Lifestyle!

Welcome to "Ingo The Flamingo". An all-new Lifestyle Brand, based in Miami Beach. Our goal is to inspire art lovers, fashion lovers, and those with a taste for the refined things in life!

Whether you're looking for Modern Art for your home, Miami Beach's latest Fashion Style, Fine Art Prints for your office, or Pop Art inspired art works to decorate your studio. Our product selection is sure to please, inspired by the vibrant city of Miami and the Beaches! A unique curated selection of Art & Design from Miami Beach based artist Olaf Kohrsmeyer.

Too often, we fail to see how our surroundings inspire us, change us, and affect how we perceive the world. The interior design and the decoration of our home and our office has a large impact on the way we feel, the way we live. The way you live!

Be yourself! Color your life with "Ingo The Flamingo"!

Our Fine Art can be appreciated for its aesthetic qualities of course. But we are here to inspire you, we are here to give you a way to express your own, unique taste. Show the world who you are!

That's our goal. Whether you're looking for a fine art print for the office, a new fashion style for a day out, or Pop Art prints to decorate your studio. We want to inspire you! Inspire you for the better and positive way of living!

Our Product Line: 

Fine Art
Fine Art Photography created with a curious mind and a creative eye. Merging these two characteristics and expose the beauty of our world! Allow the viewers to see the beauty of our world through their own eyes. Refreshing the use of the viewer's senses, to truly understand the world that surrounds us all. 

From cityscapes to stunning oceanscapes. Fine Art, curated by "Ingo The Flamingo", provides an exhilarating view of the world's favorite cities. Using a special photographic long-time exposure technique, skyscrapers are obscured in a way that allows you to focus more on the complexity of the color and the shape of each city. The most famous skylines of Miami, Singapore, Cologne and New York have all be treated to this masterful effect.

Ocenscapes create a thoughtful atmosphere for any interior! Our stunning oceanscape Fine Art Photographs compress the flow and energy of the ocean and show the famous Atlantic Ocean at South Beach in various faces.  Art Works captured during different weather conditions at different times of day. The ocean is never the same. It never stops moving, it goes out beyond the horizon.

Ingo The Flamingo's breathtaking fine art prints offer a variety of looks for any interior. Your design sets the tone for all those who enter your home. Create a completely thoughtful atmosphere or stimulate any space with thrilling vibrancy. Leave a lasting impression on your guests, clients and visitors. You set the stage, you make the statement! With a variety of options from Ingo The Flamingo!

Pop Art Inspired Prints 
An all-new set of illustrations featuring the character "Ingo The Flamingo". A variety of bright colors, flattened designs, and innovative illustration techniques have been used to create visuals that are at once simple and complex, with subtle coloring and shading that reveal hidden depths of artistic expertise. But don't let those fancy words fool you - even if you're not an art critic, you will love the fun character of Ingo The Flamingo as you watch him enjoying the vibrant culture of Miami. Everyone can love the cute characters, pop-art inspired designs, and inventive techniques used in the creation of these quirky illustrations.

Don't let your taste in art stay at home. Take it into the world by wearing Pop Art inspired designs! Our Lifestyle Brand is a great expression of fashion, not only in Miami and the Beaches! Color your Life! Express yourself! Brand yourself with Ingo The Flamingo! Our Fashion Styles are eye catching and are sure to turn heads!

Connect with the world of Ingo The Flamingo Today! 

Ingo The Flamingo is more than just a character - it's a Lifestyle brand. Express yourself - and shop the diverse range of unique products we have to offer. Join us in the world of Ingo The Flamingo today!

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