About the Artist

Living and working in Miami + Miami Beach has been influenced my creativity and my desire to be creative from the first day I moved to Miami. Living in Miami Beach has constantly inspired me, has been forcing me to create art. I'm inspired by all the people who live here, who either already living their dreams, or working hart to turn their dreams into a reality. Turning your dreams into reality takes balls and patience. Patience for me is the worse. It took a while to combine all different elements of art and design and turning them into amazing art works, illustrations and most recently fashion. Art is my passion. I love colors, bright colors, vibrant colors; colors which represents Miami + Miami Beach and myself.


For a jolt of inspiration, I love to dive into people's daily life. I love to spend time at South Beach and just stroll around the neighborhood. Most locals in Miami don't like South Beach, some even hate it. I love it.  South Beach is a vibrant community. A mix of the rich and clamorous people, tourist, but more important the people who just live the vibrant beach life every day, 24/7, 365 days a year. Vibrant and colorful people, fun and creative people like me. People who love the sun and the beach life, people who live their dream. Living in Miami Beach is inspiring me daily, but I also love to travel, get to know and explore different cultures, different life styles, different faces of our world.


To create art, you need a curious mind and a creative eye. Especially my photographs bind these two characteristics and expose the beauty of our world, often missed by the common eye. My ultimate passion is to share this gift and allow the viewers to see the beauty of our world through their own eyes; refreshing the use of the viewer's senses to truly understand the world that surrounds us all. My fine art photographs may appear unrealistic, blurry, and at times confusing. After given it a chance to understand and admire such art, these unrealistic, blurry, and at times confusing images begin to form into its true nature, those unrealistic details shift into reality. This allows the viewer to understand how easy it is to commonly miss or misunderstand the beauty in realistic moments.


Exploring Miami Beach through the viewfinder of my camera made me think. Observing people's behavior daily made me recognize, most locals and tourist miss out on the many beautiful things Miami Beach has to offer. I was looking for a creative way to illustrate the beauty of Miami Beach. I created a new character and released an all-new set of illustrations featuring the character "Ingo The Flamingo" - born and raised in Miami Beach.  Ingo is a colorful character who loves to travel, dance, and have a fantastic time, no matter where he is. In this series of colorful, impressionistic and pop art inspired illustrations, the viewer has the pleasure following Ingo The Flamingo as he explores Miami Beach.

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