Fine Art - The Final Look

The Final Look - A Crystal Clear View

Most artist and photographers spend a great deal of energy capturing the best image possible and ensuring the image is marvelously reproduced. But as important as the image itself, is the final medium and how to finish the photograph, turning it into an amazing Fine Art Print. Not any medium works for high quality and modern art. Ingo The Flamingo’s Fine Art Prints will leave a lasting impression on your guests, clients and visitors and on yourself, because of the crystal clear view. Any Art should add value and style to your interior design. Therefore, we have chosen to present our Fine Art Prints under Acrylic Glass. Gallery prints under Acrylic Glass, also called plexi-photos, are frameless, dramatically and powerful and blend well in any home due to its minimal design.

The photo paper

All our fine art prints are printed on Fujicolor Crystal Archive photo paper, known for its remarkable definition and brilliance. The paper is a silver halide color paper, designed exclusively to produce high-image-quality color prints. It features excellent image stability and vivid color reproduction.

Face mounting

Once the art work is printed on the photo paper in gallery quality, the print will be face mounted on the Acrylic Glass. Face mounting is a process that involves applying an optically clear adhesive to the face of the print and then adhering the print to acrylic glass.  Once the print is adhered to the acrylic, the dibond backing material is adhered to the back of the print to protect the print and provide rigidity to the art. Although the acrylic glass’s weight is very little, the glass is very shatterproof. All the best characteristics of your photo print are intensified when mounted under the acrylic glass. The colors are vivid, and the glass adds a sense of extra depth. The dibond backing ensures stability and durability and makes oversized and panorama formats possible. 

Easy hanging and installation

For easy hanging, the photograph comes with hanging elements mounted on the aluminum back panel. Hooks and nails or screws are included in our installation kid.

Our art works are exclusively limited editions and are therefore rare collectible items. Each photograph is numbered and signed by the artist. It comes with a certificate to give you the guarantee that the stated limit of the edition is ensured.

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