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Ingo The Flamingo!

Size18 x 24”

Material: High quality illustration printing paper / Printed on a resolution of 720 dpi

An all-new set of illustrations featuring the character "Ingo The Flamingo"!

"Ingo The Flamingo" - born and raised in Miami Beach - is a colorful character who loves to travel, dance, and have a fantastic time - no matter where he is! In a series of colorful, impressionistic illustration, follow "Ingo The Flamingo" as he explores all of the fantastic recreation, nightlife, and scenery that Miami has to offer. From palm trees and beaches, to disco nights and cocktail parties, and through sand, surf and sun, the collection features a huge variety of colorful, hip illustrations that allows Miami residences to get a new look at life in their city, through eyes of "Ingo The Flamingo"!

A variety of bright colors, flattened design, and innovative illustration technique have been used to create visuals that are at once simple and complex. The pop-art inspired designs are made to be loved and to bring fun and joy to the entire family! An illustration inspired by the colorful and vibrant city of Miami!

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