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Downtown Cologne


Limited Edition

SKYLINE COLOGNE, the latest addition to the ongoing fine art photography series “Skyline”, was taken in May of 2016, when visiting the historic German city of Cologne again. In the foreground is the iconic Hohenzollern Bridge, leading the eye toward the impressive Gothic architecture of Cologne Cathedral that towers above the cityscape. Taken at night, the soft lines and warm, gentle illumination create a glowing vista, a city made entirely from light. Against the stark background of an inky night sky, the lights of Cologne’s finest architectural marvels come alive with movement and light. The image, like the city itself, is dynamic and vibrant. The Cologne Cathedral and the Hohenzollern bridge, two monolithic testaments to Germany’s long history of breathtaking architecture and brilliant engineering, are alive with motion and a sense of vitality.

Limited Edition of 100

Signed and Numbered 

Size: 60 x 22.5”

Medium: Framed (Gallery Photo Print under Acrylic Glass)

The art works are exclusively limited editions and are therefore rare collectible items. Each photograph is numbered and signed by the artist. It comes with a certificate to give you the guarantee that the stated limit of the edition is ensured.


Your selected photograph will be printed onto the highest quality paper for gallery prints. For framed photographs, the gallery print will be mounted on a stable aluminum backing. The picture will then be sealed behind a polished, premium acrylic glass using a durable silicon. The silicon ensures no creases or bubbles. This production flow guarantees the highest quality, protects the photograph against UV-radiation and keeps its brilliance.

For easy hanging, the photograph comes with hanging elements mounted on the aluminum back panel. Hooks and nails or screws are included in our installation kid.

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