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Miami – The Magic City - The Wall Calendar

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Miami – The Magic City - The Wall Calendar

While the title alludes to the city of Miami, this stunning calendar takes you on a tour of its outskirts, and the beach-scape that is only minutes away. Miami’s oceanfront is a beautiful sight to behold, whether it is set against the stormy skies of June or the clear blue of January. August is especially lovely, with a perfectly timed shot of waves angrily breaking away from the sand.


The unexpected beauty of a simple cloud is also a running theme in this unique exhibit of photographs. These are seen both sitting like whipped cream seemingly on top of the ocean, and the mystical appearance of cloud puffs right above your head.


This calendar also includes man-made beauty in this collection of photographs, again focusing the lens in obscure directions to give you different views of ordinary scenes. December for example will make you appreciate and love the intricate architecture of an ocean lighthouse’s staircase. The lighting and shadow effect from this angle make this a remarkable image to explore at length.

Product Details:
Perpetual - never buy a calendar again!
Calendar: 14 pages
Publisher: Olaf Kohrsmeyer
Language: English
Material:  250g/m2 high quality illustration printing paper
Dimensions: Landscape 16,5 x 11,6 x 0,2 inches / 436,59 g
Finishing: Cellophane matt (each page)
Binding: Spiral Binding silver

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